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 The Liberty Run Foundation has many opportunities for you to  contribute


Our force is through volunteers. Help at one of our upcoming events, just email us at and a member of our LRF team will get back to you.

If your interested in becoming an intern with the Liberty Run Foundation, take a look at our different internship opportunities.
Charleston, South Carolina is the main office and we are an accredited Intern course. 

Comfort Bags


LRF-V2V Comfort Bag Program is a collaboration effort in the community to coordinate resources, planning and action with creditable agencies. Our approach is respectful , sensitive and in most cases, non-intrusive. The LRF-V2V objective is to empower rather than prescribe, especially during times of emergency transitional periods from no fault or uncontrollable circumstances. 

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Up-Coming Events


 Funds are raised through our annual events! Benefit Rides, Golf Tournaments, Competitive  Races, and more.  

Interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming events?  Contact Us Today!


  The Downrange Outdoor Sports Experience (D.O.S.E.) program is designed to develop opportunities that will allow disabled veterans to get back outdoors…. on their own!

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